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Finally, You’ll have a step-by-step playbook to turn your email marketing into a mega money making machine..


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As an eCommerce marketer, you’re probably tired of the rising costs of advertising and your weekly email newsletters aren’t getting you the ROI it once did.. 

And you’re searching for ways to quickly scale your revenue, without adding a ton of budget for advertising and praying for ROI with the rising costs of advertising. 

Today, I want to tell you the ONE source of sales that is right in front of you, but you just aren’t using it. No ad budget needed. No approvals. No costs…

It’s all there but the key is you have to do it RIGHT – the reward? 

If done right, it can quickly drive  at least 30 to 40% of your monthly revenue.

The best part? It comes with ZERO acquisition cost tied to it.

It’s High margins. It’s Fast. It’s Fully in your control and an asset you own – 100% repeatable and scalable.

I don’t just passively watch by the way, I’m an actual email marketer myself. For years, I’ve relied on email marketing as my #1 revenue driver. 

From selling digital ebooks and software, to owning a retail store front to starting and scaling a fast growing eCommerce brand – I’ve done it all using Email…

I’ve consulted top industry leading brands and products all around email marketing strategy, and understanding how to leverage email marketing in their business to be a big contributor of revenue.  

That’s why just over 6 years ago, I fell in love with email marketing so much that I partnered up with other email marketers and built a software company called Sendlane, an email marketing automation platform. 

And though I’m not here to pitch you on Sendlane, I’m here to talk to you about email marketing  and how it can be the #1 growth and revenue driver in your business – but you have to stop what you’re doing and use my 4 step framework, it’s the only way to grow by 30 to 40%…

I’ll be introducing you to you my proven, time tested framework that I call the ENCA framework. I’ve always relied on these four things to help drive revenue and increase customer lifetime values.

Let me break it down for you. 

  • E is for Engage. When a person makes a purchase or opts in for a coupon, how do you keep them interested and excited. How do you truly pique one’s curiosity? 
  • N is for Nurture. Your goal as a marketer in email marketing is simple. By sending the right emails they want, at the right time, you can create a truly personalized experience. 
  • is for Convert. You’re a marketer and your ultimate goal is to get your customer to pull out their wallets and buy your product. 
  • is for Automate. This one’s simple. Your goal should be to help you save time and make more money, while also providing a true, personalized customer experience. 

The goal is to help you focus on the top of the funnel and the bottom, while letting the system automate the entire process for you. 

The moment each and every action is complete, using intelligent data driven decisions, your goal is to engage, nurture, and convert each and every visitor, automatically. 



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